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Work with me to lose weight, resolve symptoms, chronic conditions, and dietary confusion

Revitalize Digestion

My Anti-inflammatory, Elimination Diet & Gut Healing Program restores health and hope

Weight Loss

Eliminate weight loss resistance; the causes go beyond diet & exercise

Nourish Yourself at My Table


Are you motivated to resolve your health issues and restore your health through accessible diet and lifestyle changes? Plan to maintain your vibrance as you age, prevent disease and achieve your own goals for vitality through counseling sessions or comprehensive programs.


Are your digestive symptoms getting in the way of you living the life you want?  Those symptoms are not only painful and inconvenient, they’re a sign that you aren’t able to nourish your body.

Eliminate your symptoms so you can feel good, look good and return to your priorities in life.


Is your group ready to be inspired and educated on how to make everyday changes that add up to more vibrant and powerful lives? Create lasting benefits when you learn what creates a healthy body, mind and spirit. Book Erin to inspire your group through speaking engagements, classes or workshops.

Success Stories

“Erin’s comprehensive understanding of nutrition and how it relates to the mental, emotional, spiritual body has completely changed the way I think about food and nourishing myself on every level. After learning from her and following her advice, I have never felt so emotionally stable and physically sound. I used to battle with constant hunger and light-headedness, mood swings and extreme fatigue. Even though I was raised with a healthy lifestyle, I had no idea how to correctly nourish myself. Now, not a day goes by that I don’t give my patients nutritional advice and I am always astounded by what the average person doesn’t know about eating properly. This is invaluable information that everybody should have and integrate into their lives.”

Josie Bouchier

Acupuncturist, Denver, CO

“At age 59 you’d think I would know how to eat well… wouldn’t you? Well, after nearly a year of extreme pain, lots of pharmaceuticals, back surgery and a bad reaction to anesthesia and other post-op medications, I was depressed and physically depleted. My niece recommended I call Erin Livers. My first thought was “that’s absurd…  food is going to fix me? What a joke!” But I really respect my niece’s opinion so I made the first phone call. The short story is that now, after thoroughly following Erin’s advice for only eight weeks, I am healed, happy and strong. I used to think that I truly “needed” coffee and that bread was essential with all of my meals. Now I know that these cravings were an unhealthy response to basic hunger. Hunger that was never properly satisfied. I listen to my body differently now and I respond with appropriate foods. In fact, I don’t wait to respond. When I eat the right foods at the right time I never experience my old cravings. I needed a teacher for this and fortunately I’m not too old to learn.”

Dan Pollock

Maumee, OH

“After several years of suffering from digestive problems with no real diagnosis or solution, working with Erin truly turned my life around.  Erin helped me identify & eliminate problem foods from my diet very quickly and I haven’t felt this great in years!  Erin also helped me develop a very healthy yet appetizing diet and taught me that gluten-free and dairy-free is not the end of the world — her recipes are fantastic. Between her delicious recipes and her supplement recommendations, I’m still able to have a nutritious, well-balanced diet even with my dietary restrictions. Erin’s support & extensive knowledge during this process was invaluable. I highly recommend Erin — thanks to her, this is the best I’ve felt in years.”


Boulder, CO

“Erin is very knowledgeable and able to present the facts in a very non-judgmental way, and people appreciate that. She can take a rather complicated topic (for us who don’t know) and make sense out of it very succinctly. Her presentation was ‘spot on’ and I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from our small class! They want more recipes and when we do it again, they want to have more than one meeting so more workers can attend.”

Laurie Winther

MacAllister Machinery Company, Indianapolis, IN

Food As Nourishment

Food As Nourishment is a reminder that our relationship with food is one of the most intimate and enduring relationships we’ll have during our lifetime. Our diet provides a daily connection to our body and requires a commitment that we can’t ignore or neglect if we want to support the health of our body.

Think of the foods you choose every day; they provide energy and nutrition for your body, as well as pleasure and nourishment for your entire being. The energetic vibration of the food in your diet sets the tone for your life, supporting you to accomplish all you desire, or not. As Annie Dillard has said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Let me help you create a philosophy to guide your daily choices, which allows you to live your life in accordance with your values, while experiencing health, vitality and true holistic nourishment.

The word diet comes from the Greek, diata, which means ‘way of life.’ When we choose the experiences, people, routines, activities and foods that nourish us, we are truly choosing the “way” of our lives, congruent with who we are, and that truly nourishes us. It’s my belief that when we’re educated about the role of food in our life, how our choices affect our health, and how to listen to the voice of our own guidance, we can free ourselves from the unhealthy influences that often cause us physical symptoms. I believe this is an individual quest and there is no one diet for everyone.

Food As Nourishment provides:

  • Private Holistic Health Counseling
  • Anti-Inflammatory, Gut Healing Program
  • Community Classes and Workshops
  • Online Courses for Practitioners & the Public
  • Public Lectures and Speaking Engagements
  • Worksite Wellness Programs


Food as Nourishment is dedicated to supporting each individual’s innate ability to heal their body and awaken their soul. Through education, inspiration and remembering, to transform the way our world thinks about food, health and the environment around us. To build a community of like-minded people who belive that there are many ways to nourish ourselves and they come from within.

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