Holistic Health Counseling

with Erin Livers

What are your Health Goals?

You didn’t wake up today hoping to feel pain, low energy or discomfort, and you may not want to take prescription drugs to mask your symptoms. Rather, you’d like get to the root of any health problem in order to eliminate those symptoms while creating the healthy diet and lifestyle that’s right for you.
Do you want to lose weight, feel more energy, eliminate symptoms, understand your diagnosis, prevent disease, or simply create a diet and lifestyle that support you to thrive?

Holistic Health Counseling helps you achieve your health goals using diet, supplemental nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations, while supporting mind, body, and spirit. I begin with your story that includes your current diet and lifestyle, your family history, and any medical information you provide. This holistic approach ensures that you’re supported as an individual.

I can help you…
• Resolve Digestive Issues
• Eliminate Symptoms
• Recover Your Spark
• Energize For Your Sport
• Design A Nourishing Diet
• Age Healthfully
• Thrive!

Change Your Diet

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to change your diet in the past or you want to lose weight, but you’re not sure what’s getting in the way, let me help. Nutrition counseling is a more rewarding and enjoyable process, than you might think.

Instead of imagining that you’ll never eat a cookie again, let me tell you how to eat that cookie so it contributes to your health. And yes, it will taste delicious.

In addition to information, I can offer transformation.

“Our culture encourages us to look for the solutions to our problems outside of ourselves … when they lie within us all along.”

Erin Livers

Nutrition Therapist

Erin offers:

  • Private consults
    • for individuals, families and groups
    • local or long distance via phone or Skype
  • Food sensitivity testing and consulting
    • Certification as LEAP Test Practitioner pending
  • Revitalize Digestion: Anti-inflammatory, gut-healing program for individuals and groups

Schedule an Appointment with Erin

NEW CLIENT appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes. This is to review your history, your health and based on your health goals, I outline my recommendations for you. My policy: I charge for the time used based on my hourly rate. If we end early or go over the scheduled appointment time (agreed upon in advance), I charge for the time used based on my professional rate.

Subsequent appointments are typically scheduled for one hour. 

Download Client Intake Form

IN BOULDER, CO? If you’re local and would like to meet with me in my office, please print the form, fill it out and bring it to our first appointment. Fill out the diet log for at least 3 days, more if you’d like.

OUTSIDE OF BOULDER? To meet via phone/Skype: fill in the form online (instructions are at the bottom of the first page) and email it to me at least 24 hours before our appointment. Fill out the diet log for at least 3 days, more if you’d like.

Food As Nourishment

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