Revitalize Digestion

seminar for practitioners

The health of the digestive tract is critical to the prevention of nearly every chronic disease, all of which are increasing around the world.

Erin Livers

You don’t want to miss The Revitalize Digestion Seminar for Practitioners with Erin! She is a wealth of information, and this program is phenomenal to help clients improve their health in a short period of time. I did the Revitalize Digestion program myself when I was Erin’s student at Bauman College in Boulder and saw major health changes. With her guidance, I began implementing it for my clients who saw benefits with their digestion, skin, headaches, mood, energy, reduction of meds, improvements on various blood tests, and more. Highly recommended!

Jennifer Simon

Certified Nutrition Consultant

A big thank you to Erin Livers for developing this Revitalize Digestion Program. The step-by-step instructions and the recipes in this book made all the difference for me to be able to complete the Elimination-Challenge diet. Through the program, I discovered that I’m gluten sensitive. Now, I feel so much better overall, with better energy and decreased joint pain. I didn’t have any cravings and felt completely satisfied throughout the program. A few of the recipes I especially enjoy are the Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing, Breakfast Sausage, Butternut Squash Breakfast Porridge, Turnip Hashbrowns, and Slow Cooker Beef Roast. I wish all of you who try the Revitalize Digestion Program, the same phenomenal results that I have experienced! Good luck on your own journey of discovery to better health.

Bonnie Olson


I cannot recommend The Revitalize Digestion Seminar for Practitioners enough! Erin was a teacher of mine at Bauman College in Boulder, and I was ecstatic to be able to continue learning from her. In this seminar, she provides practitioners the tools to effectively guide our clients through her Revitalize Digestion Program, and I left the seminar feeling inspired to go out into the world to help my clients heal, not only their digestion, but also to tackle my own GI issues that have been hindering me from living my most vital life for years. Through Erin’s dedication to this program, her knowledge of nutrition and health, her years of experience, and her heartfelt way of being, I feel there is no better way to spend a weekend!

Jenna Switzer

Certified Nutrition Consultant

I highly recommend The Revitalize Digestion Seminar for Practitioners by Erin Livers. Erin taught nutrition classes for my Natural Foods Chef program at Bauman College in Boulder, Colorado. She introduced me to the gut elimination diet and how to guide my personal chef clients through this process. Although I have been preparing food for my clients for several years following the gut elimination diet guidelines, this program has provided me with a greater understanding of how the entire program works as a whole. I now have greater in-depth knowledge of food group challenges, what herbs and supplements to use and why, tools to reintroduce foods, and how to better support my clients in their relationship with food and with conscious eating. This has been an amazing experience partnering with nutritionists and naturopaths to create a supportive network for all who embark on this journey towards improving their health.

Tammy Gould

RN, Certified Natural Chef

The Revitalize Digestion Program

As holistic health practitioners we’ve learned that to address the health of our clients, we must first start with their gut health. That’s why we’ve been taught protocols such as Functional Medicine’s 5Rs gut healing protocol, how to address food sensitivities, and the many types of elimination-challenge diets. When I began to address gut health with hundreds of clients per year, I knew I had to create a way to guide my clients back to gut health and to eliminate inflammation in an easy-to-understand, efficient and effective way…and The Revitalize Digestion Program was born. Now I’m here to share my success with my fellow practitioners.

The Revitalize Digestion Seminar provides you with step-by-step instructions on HOW you can implement the 5Rs protocol, an anti-inflammatory diet, an elimination-challenge diet, balance blood sugar, and reduce mealtime stress  to effectively and confidently achieve your client’s varied goals in a short period of time. This Program delivers results to every client, which will make you an effective practitioner and business owner. Your clients will feel supported through the Guidebook’s step-by-step guidance, 125 recipes and additional information as you guide them through the Revitalize Digestion Program.

The practitioners I’ve taught are achieving the same results with their clients that I have and you can too. They enjoy using this Program to streamline their counseling sessions, get greater clarity on difficult cases, perform gut healing effectively, and use this Program to establish partnerships with medical professionals, and market their skills to the public. As an example, you’ll be able to partner with a doctor who performs surgeries to help their patients’ lower inflammation and lose weight before a scheduled surgery to improve outcomes and reduce healing time. And you can be confident that with this Program you can deliver this in about 30 days.

The Program allows for an individual approach, as each client is an individual, so practitioners have the ability to choose their own gut-repair protocol of supplements depending on the client and also their education, for example: Eastern herbs for acupuncturists, Western herbs for nutritionists and herbalists. There is also an individual dietary approach for vegetarians, and practitioners can guide clients in person, one-on-one, in groups, and at a distance as they choose. 

Think of this as more than a seminar as you’re joining a community! Revitalize Detoxification will be released in March 2019 and other modules are on their way: Revitalize Diet, Revitalize Stress and more.


Seminar Description

The Revitalize Digestion: Anti-inflammatory, Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program brings your education together and gives you step-by-step instructions to heal the gut, resolve gut symptoms, balance blood sugar, identify food sensitivities, replete nutrients and reduce pain, inflammation, and excess weight for your clients in about 30 days. Your client will also learn how to balance their meals, eat consciously and improve the quality of their diet. This workshop and the accompanying Guidebook for Practitioners and their Clients will give you everything you need to guide your clients through this Program immediately. Once you have incorporated this tool into your healthcare practice, you can then use your expertise to partner with other healthcare practitioners and grow your business.


Seminar Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • understand the importance of healing the gut
  • understand inflammation’s role in disease and how to reduce inflammation with this program
  • understand and be able to explain relevant concepts to clients and partnering practitioners: inflammation, leaky gut, loss of immune tolerance to self & foods, gut infections, blood sugar balance, nutrient deficiencies, healthy digestive physiology
  • learn how to successfully administer an anti-inflammatory, elimination-challenge diet and gut healing program for clients with a variety of health conditions, diets and lifestyles
  • learn how to successfully administer this Program to a variety of clients: children, teens, athletes, elders
  • learn how to avoid/resolve common issues, increase compliance with recipes and navigate client challenges
  • learn which gut-healing herbs and supplements to recommend and why (brand recs included)
  • learn when to use the SCD or GAPs diet and why that’s important for specific clients
  • be able to incorporate this Program into a private practice to effectively and efficiently resolve client symptoms and achieve client health goals
  • be able to market this Program to clients, and use it to partner with doctors and other practitioners to receive patient referrals to grow their practice
  • be able to partner with trained chefs to support clients


Seminar attendees receive

  • Seminar Slide Presentation PDF
  • 10 Handouts: Business Forms & Client Handouts
  • 1 copy of the Revitalize Digestion Guidebook for Practitioners and their Clients
  • 24/7 access to the Revitalize Digestion Seminar videos (11 hours of instruction)
  • Free attendance at monthly Q&A sessions, either local or Zoom link available
  • Entry in the private Facebook group for practitioner seminar graduates for ongoing support (75 attendees currently)
  • Discounts on Advanced Level Courses on related and supportive topics (more info below)
  • Discounts on other Revitalize Program Seminars (Revitalize Detoxification announced 2/19)
  • Bulk order discounts on Guidebooks for clients (5 copies, 10 copies, +) 
  • Discounts on recommended supplement protocols
  • Employment opportunities available beginning in 2019 for Revitalize Digestion Practitioners (online jobs)
  • If you’re a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, upon completion of this seminar you’ll receive 11 CEU credits

Advanced Level Courses

I’m committed to sharing my knowledge with students and other practitioners. Graduates of the Revitalize Digestion seminar will also be eligible for discounts on these online, advanced-level courses coming in 2019/20 that cover: 

  • Supplement Protocols for specific conditions and clients
  • Gut infections (H. pylori+) and stool testing
  • Food intolerances, allergies and sensitivities:s the differences, how to determine, and how to test
  • Advanced Gut Education: anatomy, physiology, the microbiome, immunity, dietary recommendations
  • Probiotics: the strains, the products, and protocols for specific clients and health conditions
  • How to guide clients with specific health conditions: auto-immunity, Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis, PCOS and more
  • How to work with specific diets: SCD, GAPS, AIP, vegan/vegetarian, Paleo and more)
  • Tips for guiding vegans, vegetarians, children, athletes, and elders through the Program
  • Revitalize Digestion for SIBO: everything you need to know
  • All about Lectins: Where does the Plant Paradox fit into your client care?
  • Using Revitalize Digestion as part of a Weight Loss Program

Seminar Access

This seminar will be released as an Online Course in 2019. In the meantime, you can purchase the seminar and gain access via video of a live seminar hosted by Bauman College in October 2017. Once the online course is available, you will be granted access to the online version for lifetime access.

    Attendee Requirements

    The public, including lay people, are welcome to attend though I teach at the healthcare student/healthcare practitioner level. The practitioners who have benefitted from this Program in the past: nutritionists, registered dieticians, herbalists, chefs, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and nurse practitioners.

    Revitalize Digestion: Business Benefits

    Once you have incorporated this tool into your healthcare practice, you can then use your expertise to partner with other healthcare practitioners and grow your business. The benefits of the Revitalize Digestion Program go beyond the information presented at the seminar. Become part of the Revitalize Digestion community of practitioners:

    1. Achieve Consulting Efficiency: Use the Program to streamline how you work with clients as it allows you to balance blood sugar, clean up the diet, reduce/eliminate inflammation, identify food sensitivities, eliminate gut infections, and alleviate your clients’ symptoms that were caused by the above issues, and all in approximately 30 days.
    2. Business Marketing Support: Use the Program and your expertise as a sales/marketing tool when you want to partner with practitioners.
    3. Community Support: Become part of a community of Revitalize practitioners in the private Facebook group. You can ask questions that Erin and the group answer or share your experience.
    4. More Education/Advanced Classes: Once you’re familiar or have mastered the Program, attend the advanced classes coming in 2019/20. 
    5. Guidebook for you and clients: The 225-page Client Guidebook is available at Amazon and is available to practitioners at bulk discounts. Your copy is complimentary with the seminar. It contains step-by-step instructions on the Program, shopping tips, 21-day meal plan, FAQ, and 125 recipes for the Elimination Diet.
    These benefits are especially helpful to practitioners who are looking for more clinical expertise and who are building their businesses or students who will be creating their businesses once they graduate.

    Learning The Revitalize Digestion Seminar for Practitioners was magnificent for my business. I now recommend the program to my clients and feel confident and knowledgeable enough to do so. My clients have reported significant changes in their health and I’ve heard only positive results. It’s been great to see my clients (and myself) grow significantly. I highly recommend this program!

    Havilande Green

    Certified Nutrition Consultant