Carroll FIT

The Carroll Method of Food Intolerance Testing (FIT) uses a small blood sample to test for constitutional food intolerances or food intolerances we’re born with. While I don’t offer this testing unless you’re a client, I do provide counseling support for those who have Carroll test results provided by any practitioner.

Dr. O.G. Carroll discovered common categories of food intolerances: dairy, egg, meat, fruit, potato, or sugar. Dr. Carroll also discovered one or more problematic combinations of food groups: fruit with sugar; potato with grain; dairy with grain; fruit with grain; and sugar with grain. Today, the practitioners who are carrying on his work are discovering other additional food intolerances.

Erin Livers has been counseling clients who have been diagnosed via this test for about 10 years. She is experienced in helping individuals learn how to eat to avoid their intolerances, while remaining healthy and enjoying their food.

Email Erin by clicking HERE to arrange for an appointment, make an inquiry OR feel free to download or purchase any of the resources she has created  below. Some of these handouts are free, while others can be purchased from this site.

Carroll FIT Resources