Revitalize Detoxification

seminar for practitioners

We know that even low levels of toxins can be harmful and that your body’s individual ability to bioprocess and excrete toxins is difficult to fully assess. So what can you do?  

Limit environmental toxins within your control

Improve liver detox

Improve gut health

Improve overall nutrition

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac

In considering health issues, it’s important to clear the home and body of toxic exposures that are holding us back from our goals. In my own practice and teaching, I consider toxins to be at the top of the list of agents we need to address and eliminate… Bottom line: You can’t get better without addressing your toxic exposure.

Andrea Nakayama

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, CNE, MSN, FNLP

Toxicity is the primary driver of disease.

Joe Pizzorno

Founding president of Bastyr University, author of many books, including The Toxin Solution.

Your body isn’t a bank account, it’s a chemistry lab.

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert, NY Times Best-Selling Author

Revitalize Detoxification Programs

Cleansing and detoxes have been and are incredibly popular as people seek ways to recover their health and lose weight after hard partying holidays, digestive upsets, ice cream and cookie binges, and bad habits that leave them feeling  ‘toxic.’ They’ve been told they can cleanse their liver, colon and other body parts by drinking olive oil and garlic, fasting for a few days or weeks, drinking a ‘skinny’ herb tea or juicing. Meanwhile, the reality is that humans are becoming increasingly sicker as researchers discover that environmental chemicals cause or contribute to nearly all of our current chronic health issues.

As holistic health practitioners we’ve learned about the foods and supplement protocols that support detoxification, which should prepare us to help these clients, but creating cleanse programs that work for a variety of clients, groups and health conditions can take time and expertise. If you’re ready to increase your knowledge and boost your business by offering the Revitalize Detoxification Programs to your clients, then read on…

I’ve perfected powerful programs that my clients enjoy, which you can now learn and integrate into your business easily. Revitalize Detoxification: Seasonal Cleanse Programs empower you to address your clients’ whole body, diet (whether omnivore or vegan/vegetarian), lifestyle, education, and environment. Support your clients with the Program Guidebook’s step-by-step instructions, recipes and education as you guide them through the Program of your choice. And depending on the needs of your client population, these programs can be easily customized.

Choose from a short, 7-day reset, a Spring/Summer 18-day Program or a Fall/Winter 18-day Program designed according to seasonal eating and easy-to-learn Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-Element principles. 

In my practice I’ve supported my clients’ detoxification needs, and over the years, I’ve partnered with holistic chefs in the Spring and Fall to lead groups through cleanse programs that were so enjoyable many clients returned year after year. Now, I’m sharing my experience and successful Programs with you, my fellow practitioners, so you can achieve the same results using the guidelines, protocols and materials I’ve created.

The Programs allow for an individual approach, as each client is an individual, so practitioners have the ability to choose their own detoxification protocol of supplements depending on the client and also their education, for example: Eastern herbs for acupuncturists, Western herbs for nutritionists and herbalists and specific supplements for specific toxins. There is also an individual dietary approach for vegans/vegetarians, and practitioners can guide clients in person, one-on-one, in groups, and at a distance as they choose. 


The Seminar

The Revitalize Detoxification: Seasonal Cleanse Programs Seminar and accompanying Guidebook for Practitioners and their Clients will give you everything you need to guide your clients through these 7- and 18-day detoxification Programs immediately. The Seminar provides you with step-by-step instructions on how you can implement these Programs and their supplement protocols with individual clients or in groups to effectively and confidently achieve client goals in a short period of time. Once you have incorporated this tool into your healthcare practice, you can then use your expertise to partner with other healthcare practitioners and grow your business.


Seminar Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • understand the anatomy & physiology of detoxification and elimination
  • understand the role of the liver, digestive system, kidneys, lungs, skin & lymphatic system in detoxification & elimination
  • learn the common toxins and their sources
  • learn to recognize the symptoms of toxicity
  • understand compromised detoxification and its impacts: the role of genetic polymorphisms, the connection between toxins & weight loss resistance, toxin burden’s impact on the immune system
  • learn diet & lifestyle strategies for reducing toxin exposure
  • learn diet, lifestyle & supplement support for detoxification & elimination
  • understand and be able to explain relevant concepts to clients and partnering practitioners: endotoxin, exotoxin, obesogens, fasting, autophagy,  
  • understand seasonal eating
  • learn relevant concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-Element Theory
  • learn how to successfully administer an 18-day Spring/Summer Cleanse Program for clients with a variety of health conditions, diets and lifestyles
  • learn how to successfully administer an 18-day Fall/Winter Cleanse Program for clients with a variety of health conditions, diets and lifestyles
  • learn how to successfully administer this Program to a variety of clients: children, teens, athletes, elders
  • learn how to avoid/resolve common issues, increase compliance with recipes and navigate client challenges
  • learn which herbs and supplements to recommend and why
  • be able to incorporate this Program into a private practice to effectively and efficiently resolve client symptoms and achieve client health goals
  • be able to market this Program to clients, and use it to partner with doctors and other practitioners to receive patient referrals to grow their practice
  • be able to partner with trained chefs to support clients and enhance the group experience


Participants Receive:

  • videos of each lesson
  • PDFs of workshop lesson slides
  • PDF of workshop handouts
  • 1 copy of the Revitalize Detoxification Guidebook for Practitioners and their Clients
  • Entry into closed Facebook group for graduates of this program for ongoing support
  • Special pricing for Advanced Courses, details below.

Advanced Level Courses

I’m committed to sharing this knowledge with students and other practitioners. Those who attend will also receive special pricing for advanced-level courses coming in 2019/20 that cover: 

  • Advanced Understanding of Toxins: Heavy Metals, Environmental Chemicals, EMFs, 
  • How to support clients with specific health conditions: Lyme, Mold toxicity, Chronic Fatigue and more
  • Advanced Fasting Techniques
  • Testing for Toxicity: Heavy Metals, Environmental Chemicals
  • Advanced Supplement Protocols: Heavy Metals & Mitochondrial Detox
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-Element Theory topics for Nutritionists

Seminar Lessons

Saturday Session (6 hours, 10am – 5pm, with a 1-hour lunch break)

  • Introduction to the Program and its tools
  • Identifying ideal clients for the Program: health conditions and symptoms
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Elimination Diet
  • The Gut Healing Protocol & Supplements

Sunday Session (5 hours, 10am – 4pm, with a 1-hour lunch break)

  • The Challenge Diet
  • Customizing the Program: for children, athletes, elders, vegetarians, and various health conditions
  • Post-Program: Case Studies, Reporting tools
  • Marketing the Program: to clients, to create partnerships with practitioners and to grow your business
  • Q&A/Review/Exam

Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements. The public, including lay people, are welcome to attend though I will teach at the healthcare student/healthcare practitioner level. The practitioners who have benefitted from this Program in the past: nutritionists, registered dieticians, herbalists, chefs, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and nurse practitioners.

Revitalize Digestion: Business Benefits

Once you have incorporated this tool into your healthcare practice, you can then use your expertise to partner with other healthcare practitioners and grow your business. The benefits of the Revitalize Digestion Program go beyond the information presented at the seminar. Become part of the Revitalize Digestion community of practitioners:

1. Achieve Consulting Efficiency: Use the Program to streamline how you work with clients as it allows you to balance blood sugar, clean up the diet, reduce/eliminate inflammation, identify food sensitivities, eliminate gut infections, and alleviate your clients’ symptoms that were caused by the above issues, and all in approximately 30 days.
2. Business Marketing Support: Use the Program and your expertise as a sales/marketing tool when you want to partner with practitioners.
3. Community Support: Become part of a community of Revitalize practitioners in the private Facebook group. You can ask questions that Erin and the group answer or share your experience.
4. More Education/Advanced Classes: Once you’re familiar or have mastered the Program, attend the advanced classes coming in 2018/19. They will help you understand how to use stool testing, food sensitivity testing, work with specific health conditions such as auto-immune, IBD (with the Specific Carb Diet), GERD, PCOS, and others as well as work with a variety of clients: kids, athletes, elders.
5. Guidebook for you and clients: The 225-page Client Guidebook is available at Amazon and is available to practitioners at bulk discounts. Your copy is complimentary with the seminar. It contains step-by-step instructions on the Program, shopping tips, FAQ, 21-day meal plan, and 125 recipes for the Elimination Diet.
These benefits are especially helpful to practitioners who are looking for more clinical expertise and who are building their businesses or students who will be creating their businesses once they graduate.

Learning The Revitalize Digestion Seminar for Practitioners was magnificent for my business. I now recommend the program to my clients and feel confident and knowledgeable enough to do so. My clients have reported significant changes in their health and I’ve heard only positive results. It’s been great to see my clients (and myself) grow significantly. I highly recommend this program!

Havilande Green

Certified Nutrition Consultant