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Food As Nourishment is a reminder that our relationship with food is one of the most intimate and enduring relationships we’ll have during our lifetime. Our diet provides a daily connection to our body and requires a commitment that we can’t ignore or neglect. Think of the foods you choose every day; they provide energy and nutrition for your body, as well as pleasure and nourishment for your entire being. The energetic vibration of the food in your diet sets the tone for your life, supporting you to accomplish all you desire, or not. Annie Dillard has said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Let me help you create a philosophy to guide your daily choices, which allows you to live your life in accordance with our values, while experiencing health, vitality and true holistic nourishment.
The word diet comes from the Greek, diata, which means ‘way of life.’ When we choose the experiences, people, routines, activities and foods that nourish us, we are truly choosing the “way” of our lives, congruent with who we are, and that truly nourishes us. It’s my belief that when we’re educated about the role of food in our life, how our choices affect our health, and how to listen to the voice of our own guidance, we can free ourselves from the unhealthy influences that often cause us physical symptoms. I believe this is an individual quest and there is no one diet for everyone.
Join me on this journey that I hope will support you and inspire you to awaken to what nourishes you. I’m setting the table for us all to share in Food As Nourishment. Here’s how you can share in the offerings at my table:

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